The Three Function Model (TFM) of the Medical Interview

The most current version of TFM describes the three core functions of the medical inteview as (1) Connect, (2) Co-Construct the Narrative, and (3) Collaborate for Care.* BAP and BAP-MI, are both core skill sets of Function Three: Collaborate for Care.

First created circa 1975 by Julian Bird, MRCP, MRCPsych, for teaching communication skills to healthcare trainees in London, England, the model has been adapted and developed by Steven Cole between 1980-2020 with further contributions from Richard Frankel and Kelley Skeff, 2020-2024.

These slides and tables demonstrate the core principles and skills of the current Three Function Model.





Tables of Skills: The Three Function Model

  • Table One: Meta Skills of Connection
  • Table Two: Core Skills of BAP
  • Table Three: Advanced Skills (BAP-MI)